A Trello GeekTool Geeklet

- from Tools

I recently made a GeekTool Geeklet for viewing my Trello boards.
It’s really rudimentary, but it’s pretty useful for me.I’ve used Trello on and off for nearly three years now, but only recently did I start using it to manage all of my homework assignments at NYU. I use a single board with lists for each class and one for ‘In Progress’. It’s really convent to see what’s going on, but it requires me tabbing over to Trello boards.
I’ve also been using GeekTool for some time just as a way to decorate my desktop. As dated as GeekTool has become, it’s still incredibly useful from simple stuff like date and time to displaying what Spotify song is on to weather. When I saw that someone had had made an Applescript that interfaced with Trello, I got a great idea.

I’ve never used and some of its scripting language is really strange for anyone who’s grown up using stricter, C styled languages. I wouldn’t recommend it for anything substantial, but for a simple shell script, it works well enough.

Anyways, the script I made lets me see all of my cards in a clean way. Later, I’ll probably add in better sorting and more metadata for the cards, but this works well enough for me now.