What's Next for Urbaninimoes

- from Undergraduate Thesis

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  • Add more reasons for Real Estate developers to hate you
    • Protected land
      • Beaches
      • Local/State parks
  • Add more environmental effects
    • Factories have much more negative effects on nearby residents as well as overall environment
    • Visual effects from cars, pollution
    • Add detail to land
  • Improve ‘feedback’ system from local special interest groups
    • Notifications about what they liked, didn’t like
    • Punishment for hurting one group too much
    • Rewards for helping
  • System for sustainability of a neighborhood
    • Measure if residents can find jobs
    • Make plots decay over time / randomly until they need help
  • System for eminent domain
    • Less likely to happen in small towns, scales up into larger (and more desirable) areas
    • Play up emotional impact of evicting residents in populated areas
    • If a plot has decayed so much that it’s abandoned make it free


  • Scenarios
  • City-wide events
    • Housing bubbles
    • Market crashes
    • Earthquakes and other natural disasters
    • Market boom
    • Toxic industry
  • Full progression system
    • Ability to make own proposals
    • Landmarks
  • More special interests groups
    • Temporary special interest groups
      • Olympic planning committee
    • Governor’s office
    • Local universities

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