What's Next for Urbanomino - May Update

- from Undergraduate Thesis

Screenshot 2016-05-01 21.11.40

  • Urbanomino will be shown at the Integrated Digital Media Student Showcase this year! Check out this as well as my other projects and the projects of my really cool peers on May 12th at 6pm at MAGNET, 2 Metrotech, Brooklyn NY.
    • For the IDM Showcase, Urbanomino needs to have a few more optimizations, bugfixes, and maybe a few more implemented features
  • Make the user interface better represent the simulation
    • Create information dialogs for the power struggle between the interest groups (image above)
    • Create dialogs for the existing state of the neighborhoods
  • Implement the rules of the simulation into the proposals/opinions game
    • Weigh the side effects of developments heavier than just accepting proposals
    • Better visualize the effects the rules are having on the neighborhood
      • Draw lines from sources showing the effects
  • Create an “attract” mode so players can jump into an existing game, rather than play out the one-sided beginning of the game
    • Let players start where the board is nearly filled and they need to make decisions about urban renewal
    • Perhaps create the start of the scenario system, so players can try out real cities like NYC or San Francisco

Screenshot 2016-04-29 17.44.59

  • Create more buildings, improve existing architecture
    • Fix the train station
    • Strip Malls
    • School
    • Make the industry tile look like a classic, iconic factory
  • Animations for creating buildings and visualizing effects
    • Play with the elevations of the tiles
  • Test and work on the Urban Renewal mechanic
    • Build animations
    • Create associated punishment and side-effects

Screenshot 2016-05-01 21.24.23

  • Build out the Special Request “Quest” system
    • Visualizing proposals
    • “Contested plot” proposal system for when two authorities want to put a development on the same tile